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MAJOR Brad Gallup


My life is about being of service and helping people heal. My passion as a Transformative Coach is guiding folks to look in a new direction that transforms their lives. Often I bring horses into the conversation, which accelerates deep insight, utilizing my training as an Equine Guided Educator.

I served my country for 21 years, both as an enlisted Marine and as an Air Force Officer, retiring with the rank of Major. Over the course of my career as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer I was responsible for leading seven different fighter squadrons, each with 400 personnel, 26 fighter aircraft and assets valued over 550 million dollars.

My healing journey started 30 years ago after returning from Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm; in severe emotional pain, I wanted to end my life. Through processing my own grief, I discovered I have the capacity to be supportive, empathetic, and present for others who were suffering over life losses.

The discovery of this new capacity led me to become a certified Grief Facilitator with the non-profit Tragedy Assistance for Survivors (TAPS) and have worked with TAPS for 22 years, counseling military children who had lost loved ones. I was on staff and worked with the Men’s Leadership Alliance for close to three decades, where we guided men to discover their soul’s work and deepen their connections with their spouses, children and communities. Additionally, I am honored to be a co-founder of the Warrior Storyfield in Longmont Colorado, bringing veterans and civilians through a communal art project.

I’m currently on staff at Save A Warrior where I lead  cohorts of men and women, veterans and first responders, through the nation’s premier suicide prevention program known as the SAW Experience. 


Recently I discovered there is a part of me that is untouched, even after being in a combat zone and experiencing the stress and trauma of that experience. This insight changed everything, changed how I experience the world. This realization, that I am not broken regardless of any military or life experience, has infused me with a calmness that is showing up more and more in my daily activities. I have a new sense of clarity of purpose, and more creativity that is showing up in all aspects of my life. My clients often are delighted to discover their genius, and a new lease on life.

True Nature Discovery

I coach people to access their wisdom. Through our time together, they discover more connection, creativity, and calmness in all aspects of life.

Equine Guided Transformation

Patiently and gently, horses guide us to look in a new direction for the wisdom that sits quietly under our whirling logical thoughts. 

Grief and Loss Relief

Does suffering serve us as the only way we can stay connected to our loss? When I began to truly see where my feelings come from that actually became a stroke of insight and changed my life.

The Resilient Warrior

The ability to adapt to adversity and overcome barriers is critical to a warrior’s strength. This skill – resilience – can characterize both physical and psychological strength.


"What I appreciate and trust in Brad Gallup is his deep respect and love of life. He has been a healing inspiration on my journey for many years plus he does his own imaginal creative heart and soul work as he serves many along the way. His presence gives me a knowing of safety in my body and allows me to be with the great journey of life, vision, learning and joy. I’m grateful for Mr. Gallup’s support as we journey down the road of life together."

Jeffrey Duvall

Rites of Passage Guide and Author

"I have known Brad Gallup for over 23 years. He is one of the most compassionate human beings that I have ever encountered. His self-less dedication to those that suffer or have not yet reached their highest potential is remarkable! His commitment to making a difference in lives and this world is undeniable. With his courage and insight, he helps people realize their dreams."

Col Marianne Waldrop

USMC, Ret. PhD

"Brad Gallup is one of the most clear and passionate people I have ever met. He is completely devoted to his work, and to a path of healing through sacred relationships, be they with brothers, fellow veterans, or the horses. Working with Brad is a life-changing experience. As I have witnessed in his skillful facilitation through the Men's Leadership Alliance, Brad guides with a fierce but caring style, leading to profound results. I believe in him with all of my heart and soul."

James Churches

Founder, The Written Life

"Brad Gallup embodies the rare qualities of authenticity and integrity like no other facilitator I have ever worked with. With a unique combination of his extensive military experience joined with the intensive, inner personal work he has completed, Brad brings depth and first-hand knowledge to his audience. Brad's warmth and humility invites any person - veteran or civilian, male or female - to feel comfortable in being vulnerable, and to have the courage to become the very best version of themselves."

Michelle L. Kaye

MA., LPC Therapist, Consultant, Educator

“Brad Gallup is thoroughly committed and an experienced guide in the realm of awakening and healing. He is masterful as a group and individual facilitator, creating a trusting, safe container where people from all walks and ages can bring their truth and open to more of who they truly are.”

Tarron Estes

Founder/Director, Conscious Dying Institute

"Brad Gallup is one of those rare individuals whose training and expertise match his unbridled passion to make lasting change in the lives of his clients and everyone he meets. His ability to create shame free safe containers with the myriad benefits of Equine experience put Brad ahead of the curve in today's healing modalities. He is truly one of a kind."

Bill Kipp

USMC, Co-Founder Fast Defense and Team Equine

"Brad Gallup is a man you can trust your heart and soul with. His healing work incorporates an amazing depth and of experience gained through many years of working with veterans, 20+ years of men's soul work, 4 Gateways Coaching, equine therapy, and conscious grief and dying work. Brad always creates a safe space in which his clients can open to the depth of themselves to heal in a way that is the right way for them. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly. "

Tom Daly, PhD

Master Coach, Mentor, Leadership Trainer


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Being with Horses Transforms Us

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