Being with Horses Transforms Us

Being with horses transforms us back to the present moment as they communicate to us through their natural curiosity of who we are, who they are and the natural world swirling around them. This is where the horses’ feedback and fascination with everything around them is a invitation to a deeper conversation that is immediate, subtle and direct the moment we step up and put our hand out to the horse.

Their willingness to step into the moment to moment conversation guides us to begin to listen for something new that taps the deeper more authentic parts of ourselves. Patently and gently, they invite us to look in a new direction for the wisdom that sits quietly under our whirling logical thoughts. In the slowing down of our thinking we drop into the other world of horse time, where the true nature of authenticity and connection that we are hungering for in our day-to-day conversations waits patently for us. Horses teach us to recognize what real communication feels like in our bodies as a reminder that we must first connect to our authentic selves to even create the possibility of a meaningful conversation with the world around us.